Friday, December 26, 2008

so this is christmas

Well christmas for another year has been and gone, we opened gifts, ate yummy food opened more gifts had a few swims and ate more food hehe.

All the gifts i made were received well

and the kids of course got heaps of toys and books and games.

Byron would like to thank Grandma and Pa for the aircraft carrier, megan and family for the key board.
Ainsley would like to thank Grandma and Pa for their share in the dolls house and Megan and family for the puppet theatre.
heres a few pics.

Byron is with the dolls house to show how tall it is.

so i hope you all had a great christmas and a happy new year to come

from all of us here.

Monday, December 15, 2008

secret santa gift

i have 2 sectret santa gifts to do this year one for work and one for play group.

the one for work is for an eccentric yet classy 20 year old who has just finished his 1st year of uni i was a tad stumped for a while until i met a friend in the local op shop after she had spent some time on (please do not go to that site if you don't have time , it is very addictive)

My friend was buying records to make bowls out of.

Bingo the perfect present.

so i made the bowl out of a Burt Bacharach album and added a few bits and pieces of yum.

the second for a lovely lady at play group she is getting a teacup pin cushion and a little tote bag.

pin cushion is done just need to make the bag so best go start as the party is tomorrow

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Some gifts to cross of the list

I have made for a couple of teachers chocolate christmas tree's

the photo doesn't show them too well but they do look good irl.

i have also made a placemat and tablerunner for a friend.
they look good on my outside table with the candle so i think to finish off the set i will get some candles to go with it

i have just finished these pin cushions for mil and gmil

I am really pleased at how they turned out and how easy they were aswell

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I made these a while ago but wanted to show some one.

The fabric the letter is made out of is also the reverse side of the cape.

i must say Ainsley's is my favourite because i love the dragon fabric so much

Thursday, December 4, 2008

christmas outfit

This is the out fit i have made for Ainsley.
I just love this fabric it is so pretty.
I remembered i needed to make this for friday's christmas party last night so i was up pretty late.

I am planning a few more of these skirts now slightly longer.
I will try for some action photo's on friday