Monday, July 25, 2011

"Coach" Softball bracelet

I finally got to making Byron's softball coach her bracelet or cuff, what ever you think suits it better.
I was originally wanted to put it on a yellow ball so as to distinguish it more from a baseball, but as the team colours are white, black and red i am happy.
Now to hope it fits.

Monday, July 18, 2011

horse play

This Post was sitting in my drafts due to photo uploading issues

Ainsley has a slight obsession with horses.
I found a few little horses(so cute) in the toy shop the other day and even though i am sure i am starting a collection of these cute liitle ponies i grabbed them and tonight i have whipped up this play mat for her.

Horses out having a play

All tucked up in bed

All folded up ready to go.

L'il Owl and friends

This post has been sitting in my drafts for a little bit now but i was having so much trouble with photo's uploading that  i gave up, so here we are.
I bought the cutest cot quilt panel a few weeks ago with only a hint of an idea of what i was going to make.
Today inspiration hit and here is the end result.
Pretty pleased with it.
The panel has 9 of these little squares on it so 9 bags it may eventually make heheh.
I love the size it turned out, perfect child size messenger bag.
i am calling them the L'il owl series of bags.

 l'il owl in a li'l orange boat

ellie and the  l'il owls

L'il Owl  with his  l'il mate

L'il owl and his L'il friend

All bags are like this on the inside with a zip pocket

All bags have a name plate on the back

Make up Folder

I found some really cute little note books in my newsagents on the weekend (top model) and fell in love with the make up book.
Basically it was page after page of faces to practise putting make up on with the front cover holding the make up.
The only problem i found was it was $25 and way out of the budget for a random purchase, But with Ainsley's birthday being months away i decided it was a must have hahahah.
this is what i came up with.
I used a plain black ring 2 ring folder that was in the cupboard, a little make up i had in the gift box and i printed off some nice faces, i tried to stick to disney as they have such lovely faces.
i printed these off onto pages from a water colour paint pad we had.
I added some little pockets to the back for some other pens or pencils, i am thinking about adding pages at the back with dolls to draw the clothes onto.

inside with a lovely example of what to do

inside back cover

example of some of the picture to make up

folder all closed

Monday, July 4, 2011

Trial wallet.

I have been wanting to make a wallet for so so long, every now and then i will google and drool over all photo's of beautiful wallets people have made.
I bought some material to make one but didnt want to cut the fabric until i knew i had it all sussed..
So i made this one for Ainsley as a trial.

the ist thing she said to me was can i have  note money to put in it.