Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ginger Bread houses

I had a friend and her 3 kids come over for Ginger bread house decorating
 and construction on Monday.
I am pretty sure the kids had fun creating.
Three of the houses worked well and two of them not so well, I  just couldn't get them to stick together, I think the roof may have been too thick making it heavy.
Byron took his across the road to show the neighbour and very kindly gave it to them.
The works in progress
The Final products

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Off to the movies

We are meeting a friend and her kids at the movies tomorrow.
We have on occasion made up zip lock bags with lollies in it for the kids when we go to the movies, so they have there own.
Ainsley said mum can we make up Party bags? No sooner were the words out of her mouth I was in the cupboard getting the cutest bags out for this exact occasion.
I saw them at Ikea a few weeks ago and couldn't put them back on the shelf.
So we made up a little stash and decorated the rest of the snowmen cookies.
I didn't put too many lollies in them as I am sure my kids will still ask for  a frozen drink and popcorn.

Santa bags with the little stash.

Are they not the best bags? there are 12 in the pack and they are all different Santa's from around the world.
They had wrapping paper as well but they had sold out of the individual packs, I did buy a little pack of cards though hahahahah.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Some festive baking.

Ainsley and I  have managed a bit of Christmas baking and decorating.
The Reindeer's were for her end of year class party at school.
The Puddings were with the leftovers from the Reindeer's, The chocolate had started to fall off where it had melted a bit but they still look like what they were meant to be, don't they?
 The melted Snowmen have been on my list for a while now and when one of the ladies at work bought some in on Friday and I showed it to Ainsley she was very impressed.
We made choc chip cookies for the kids last day and they took them in little individual bags with ribbons tied to  them, The cookie dough makes approx 80 small sized cookies so I usually make the whole mix and freeze what I don't need.I didn't take photo's.
But as I made the cookies in the morning before school the cookie dough was in the fridge all ready to be baked and turned into snowmen today.
Ainsley did a great job decorating hers,She was very good at the icing pen, I think she may have been better than me.
She did however get  a bit carried away with accessories on her last one,trying to add all the lollies she could hahahaha.
The Santa hats are oh so easy and got me thinking about cheesecake stuffed strawberries so they have been added to the menu for our Christmas.
The Reindeer's
My snowmen
Ainsley's snowmen
Mr and mrs snowman
Santa hats

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Christmas wreath.

I know I was a little late but I just finished my 1st ever wreath, Yay for me.
I am pleased with how it turned out.
love the colours.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Party time.

It was Ainsley's birthday party today.
Thought I would share photo's of the party table.
The Table

Horse cake

Teacup buscuits

tiny teddy race cars
oreo truffles
the fruit platter

Friday, November 11, 2011

Party bags

It is Ainsley's birthday next week and we normally do cupcakes to take to school  to celebrate with her class mates on the day.
With  6 other children in her class celebrating birthdays within the next 2 weeks I am thinking they may be all cup caked out so Ainsley and I got our Google on and made our version of lolly bags.
I got the idea from seeing a photo of a Christmas ornament similar but could not direct you to a site sorry.
I have used felt for the bottom and glued the money piece on and i used the inside plastic bag from cereal  to make the the top.
They didn't take too long to make up and now i wont have to be up until midnight next Monday baking and icing cakes.
so what do you think

Gumball style lolly bag

All 22 of them.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Ainsley Birthday invitations

Ainsley's Birthday is in a few weeks so yesterday we made the invitations.
I cut everything out and made one for her to copy and then she sat and made them with me, of course Byron had to make  one too lol.
I glued a magnet to the back(I used the ones you get in the mail with a calendar on it, just cut it to size.)
This is the final result, i think she did a great job.
I should also add that Ainsley took the photo's.

all lined up in a row.
close up

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Teacher Appreciation day

Friday was Teacher appreciation day.
The kids and  I came up with 'Time out bags' for their teachers.
This was a great idea until it got out of hand.
Let me explain..........
Ainsley has 2 teachers and a teachers aide, teachers aide day was at the beginning of the year but we didn't know about it ,plus Ainsley would not have let me leave her out hehehehe.
Byron only has one teacher but there is a teachers aide who works in his class and also spends some time in Ainsley's so of  course she couldn't miss out.
Then of course the sports teacher   had to get something and then the music teacher ,oh and you can't forget the librarian.
See out of hand.
But we do love our Teachers so it was all worth it.
I made tote bags 'time out bags' and we filled them with a few bits and pieces for the teachers and the aides to take time out of their day and relax. Crossword books,Pen, choccies, biscuits, coffee and tea
The sports teacher got a little box with the treats and the Librarian got a bookmark with a few treats.
The librarian got a zippered pouch filled with treats.
All up 5 bags,a foil box a zippered pouch and a book mark with treats
The kids really enjoyed Handing them out, They got as much out of giving them as the teachers did receiving them. which I loved.

The gifts

The contents of the bags

the zippered pouch and it's contents

The sports teachers little foil box.


 This Post i have being trying load for a week but have had trouble uploaded so many pics.

It was my nieces birthday on Wednesday and she is having a party tomorrow.
Today I finished off her present and am really happy with the outcome.
Her mother asked me to make her some food for her kitchen.
I came up with Remi-licious Icy Treats.
the set contains
Ice cream cones in various flavours, both normal and soft serve, Icy poles, Zooper doopers (not sure what the real name is for these),  Ice cream sandwiches and also ice creams in a bowl.
I also put some brown fleece into the cutest little bottle as chocolate Topping and a Tea towel Apron to match. but I did this after i had taken the photos'

Remi's Ice cream Palour"Remilicious"

A sundae

4 flavours of ice cream cones

Icy pole

2 flavours of soft serve

Ice cream Sandwiches

zooper dooper

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Horse of course

For book week Ainsley decided she wanted to be a "horse girl" not a cow girl, not a jillaroo but a horse girl.
I asked her which book she was going to be a character out of and of course "The saddle club" was the book even though she can't actually read these books.
So easy no worries there, we can do a horse girl easy.
At least I thought until she decided it wasnt the rider she wanted to be but the "horse" and a white one too.

hmm Ainsley your mum may not be that clever.
But guess what I proved myself wrong, I am in fact that clever.
Look at what i created today, not only does it fit the bill but it goes above and beyond as it is in fact a towel.
I am feeling all proud now, lets hope it is ok to wear a towel to school on Thursday hahahah.
I will take photo's of it on Ainsley on Thursday, for now the chair is enjoying being a pony heheheheh
Not sure why she doesn't look happy, She was.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Supplies are ready.

After making Eliza's blanket my niece Aisha sent me a spare pillow case and has asked if i  could make her a bigger blanket.
I can't make Aisha one without making her brother Brayden  one so I took myself  to spotlight today to get supplies.

Whilst there are so many colours in the pillowcase i found it hard to find coordinating fabrics that were not just plain, I really like the mottled purple and think that should be enough to set the butterflies off.

I may steel some of the grey and black from Brayden's, but I wont know that until I am cutting heheheh
I had some camo in my stash and also the army fabric, I thought these were a good start for Brayden.
I wanted some colour so it wasn't drab and i couldn't resist the stripes, the fabric is a soft soft cotton.
I didn't get a photo of it but i got polar fleece for the back, As they are in the cold region I got the good stuff, really thick arctic style, Mmm warm and toasty.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Mini carry all

I have had this idea in mind for a while.
I actually want to do a cushion with this type of inlay, but thought it would look nice in little wallets and bags so here is a little pouch I just created.
After making my dad a little camera bag similar to this one for his birthday I decided to add a strap to the zip pouches I normally make.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy birthday Pa.

For my dads birthday  i stole this idea from Mel, Thanks Mel.
we took the kids down to the water and ended up not using any of the water shots, typical.
it is so hard to take a photo of a photo in a frame

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eliza's blanket

My sister rang and asked me if I could make a special birthday blanket for a young friend of their family.
the brief was.
 She is turning 15
She loves dancing 
Can it be approx single bed size.
 Can it please fold into a pillow.
Oh and did I mention it needs to be warm? the live in Armidale N.S.W, where it gets to minus temperatures.
I had bought some cheap t shirts in the last summer clothing clearance and had the perfect one to suit.
I grabbed some fabrics including the softest coral fleece, some dance inspired silver.
This is the final blanket, I have left the fluff on the front to show just a little bit of what my house was covered in, not to mention what was all over me by the end.

The front
yes I am aware it could do with an iron.

As a pillow

The back

The T.shirt

On a bed to show the size

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Coach" Softball bracelet

I finally got to making Byron's softball coach her bracelet or cuff, what ever you think suits it better.
I was originally wanted to put it on a yellow ball so as to distinguish it more from a baseball, but as the team colours are white, black and red i am happy.
Now to hope it fits.