Sunday, March 25, 2012


I have managed a few pairs of Pj's this week.
It all started when a friend asked me to help her start sewing.
I figured Pj's are easy and useful so that is where we started, she did a great job.
The fact that best and less had t shirts for $1 and $2 helped too.
So as with most things you never stop at 1.
A pair for Ainsley was created plus a little matching pair for the bear friend.
Today I whipped up a pair for our friend Riley who went into hospital on Thursday and had his appendix out yesterday.
The final pair is for Byron but I am pretty sure that one was obvious lol, I love how the top turned out.


Saturday, March 3, 2012

A new skirt

I made Ainsley a new skirt today, It is a wrap skirt that can be worn 2 ways which I love.
I made the 1st side with Denim and a couple of ribbons, Horse ribbon of course.
The other side I used red cotton and stamped the Medallion stamp from "Stampin up" with bleach.
I love how it turned out.