Sunday, January 17, 2010

T shirt art

i grabbed some T Shirt texta's from Kmart they were $4 so i wasnt expecting too much from but along with $2 Tshirts it was a fun inside craft activity for a hot day, and i am pleased with how they turned out.
i will have to see how they wash.
we originally started to do this the other day but visitors arrived so we packed it up and finished them today.
i had the kids draw the picture they wanted and then i pinned it under the front of the t shirt so they could trace it on.
Byron's is a Robber and Ainsley's is her bird self, at least i think that is what she means as it is her but it is a bird


Thursday, January 7, 2010

photo's from the party.

I forgot to take the camera to dinner but got some before bed and of the cake.
so here they are.

the cake was meant to be a baseball diamond obviously i am not the best cake decorator but they all new hwta it was so thats enough for me lol.

Byrons 8th Birthday

Happy birthday to my gorgeous big 8 yr old boy.
I think he has had a good day.
it started with presents, a set of Nagori Drums http://http// from us, this was the compromise for a drum set
a "real" game footy from Ainsley.
a 5 in one activity table(think, table tennis etc) from the grandparents, both sides, which i manged to set up most of before 8am swimming lessons.
Then off to swimming lessons and then hungry jacks for breakfast.
i had planned on taking him to the movies but he decided he wanted to stay at home and play pool with the neighbour.
Dad came home at 12.30 and he got another gift( something dad could give him and be part of the excitement as dad started work at 4) it was a pop up , 3 in one soccer goal, cricket wicket and footy target.
All his gifts were loved.
then we had a quick tidy up and got the play room ready for 8 kids to sleep in, it is matress city down there.
Off to Teeball training via our 1st pick up for the nights party.
home in just enough time to get changed meet our guests and go out to the greyhounds.
All the kids had so much fun--it is great taking kids somewhere they have never been they were all so well behaved.
Home to matress city and the new pj's, which are a hit thank goodness they all fit haha
A bit of playing around and then the start of a movie which lasted about 15 mins till spotlight over shone the movie and they started hiding anywhere they could
once that got a tad rowdy i intervened with Cadoo http://http//

we played teams so i had to play as there was an odd number.
i think this is one of the best games i have played, it suits the WHOLE family even the littlies can play to a certain extend in a team.
and the best part it is so cheap target have it for $12.95 and on sale last week for $6.50 hence me having 2 in my gift cupboard and already gifted 2 haha.
Now they are all tucked into bed watching a movie.
i think it is time i went to bed as it will be an early morning.
but i just had to share a photo of the pj's in action.
Ainlsey was already asleep when we got home so she is not in it but all the others are.
i will also get a few more photo's of the gifts and kids tomorrow as i forgot the camera tonight.
Oh and the cake, well after an all you can eat buffet i didnt think they would need cake so we are going to do that in the morning before they go home.
But not one person went back for 2nd dessert as they were itching to get outside and run along side the track.

Friday, January 1, 2010

byron's birthday sewing

Byron will be 8 on wed next week and i have said yes to a a sleep over. hmm must have caught me at a weak moment.

The plan is kids will be dropped off at 6pm then we are off to the greyhounds for a buffet dinner.

yes i am going to attempt to take 8 kids out to dinner haha did i say a moment of weakness? perhaps insanity.

I was thinking about the night and what supplies etc i would need.

there is no way they need lolly bags after the dessert table so i opted for pj's that they can wear not only to bed but have on for the morning play and as pick up is 11.30 and i am sure they will all still be in them then haha, i know i would like to be.

I was given some pokemon fabric ages ago and have been using it for the odd cape or bag here and there but i had heaps so pj's they became.

I thought there would be enough for just pokemon blue and black but i was literally 1 leg short hehe.

so i decided that the only girl and the little sister could have special ones, purple satin skulls.

i grabbed some 2 pkts of singlets from kmart for $6 each.

With my mil's embroidery machine on my sewing table i just couldnt resist personalising them.

Using thread, time, a pattern from the box and $3 singlets i think these are going to be the best party bags and cheap too.

i am thinking i may make pj bags too put them in but that will depend on what cake he decides i am capable of haha.

All the sets.

The birthday boys pair

A close up of the names

The little sister's.