Sunday, January 17, 2010

T shirt art

i grabbed some T Shirt texta's from Kmart they were $4 so i wasnt expecting too much from but along with $2 Tshirts it was a fun inside craft activity for a hot day, and i am pleased with how they turned out.
i will have to see how they wash.
we originally started to do this the other day but visitors arrived so we packed it up and finished them today.
i had the kids draw the picture they wanted and then i pinned it under the front of the t shirt so they could trace it on.
Byron's is a Robber and Ainsley's is her bird self, at least i think that is what she means as it is her but it is a bird



Me-O-Mi said...

Great idea for the kids, and they wil be proud as to wear them!

Donella said...

and it was cheap too lees.
i am making pillow cases this week so they can create something else as well.