Friday, March 27, 2009

Warmth for Miss Milly

A friend of ours just celebrated her birthday and 3 days before hand had a 2 mtre fall through a laser light roof.

so as a happy birthday get well gift i made her a very fluffy warm doona cover.

The top side is cotton and the underside is fleece

Milly chose her colour fleece(bright green) the pillow case is made of the same and loves animals so the tigers and zebra's and giraffes where very apt while trying to make it girly colours hehe

It is very bright but i got a smile of happiness from a girl of very few words so i think she was pretty happy with it.

wow it has been a while.

Icannot believe how long it has been since i blogged.
very bad.

Ihave done a bit of sewing and will put pics up soon.

This is something i sewed a while ago for ainsley when she was smaller and having swimming lessons.

She also uses it occasionally when she gets out of the shower.

but i am blogging it to share with a fellow eb'er, i hope it helps

You may be able to see that this has a really big hem as i wanted to be able to let it down to get the wear out of it.
Also a great idea that my grand mother in law shared with me was to sew the belt to the gown that way it doesnt get lost