Tuesday, June 28, 2011

todays play.

To say my kids play nicely together is not necessarily the truth.
Whilst they have the ability to do it they tend to argue over who is making  up the game or the rules.
Some days it comes down to Byron not being patient enough with his sister being that little bit younger, other days Ainsley just wont listen.
Both my kids love pretend play, Ainsley' latest favourite game is setting up horse jumps around the house and will run and jump for ages.
Byron lately would rather be outside with the neighbours
Both my kids also have the ability to get "distracted" and one game moves to another pretty quickly.
Whilst playing horses the squeaky wheel of the Ute was doing my head so i sent Byron to get the wd40  without realising this would create a whole new game of "workshops".
So this is what they are up to at the moment
yes they are still in their pj's, it is 8.30am on their first home day of the holidays.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A winter Coat

Made Ainsley this coat and can you believe the hardest and most time consuming part was the damn Bow on the back, I just couldnt get that right.
The pattern called for bows on the pockets but i havent dared try those heheheh

I am very happy with this and will be making more from it for sure

she looks a bit too grown up in this one, but i love it

the Bow shot heheheh

the fun shot hahahahah

The Photo's look a bit yellow because i snapped them about 20mins ago and it is dark outside sorry

Friday, June 10, 2011

Meet Gertie and Allen

After taking the tote i made for the raffle in, i managed a few orders for some more, Go me.
So Gertie and Allen were born,
The colour is really bad, Gertie is turquoise and Allen is emerald green not washed out grey

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A tote to raffle

I was recently asked if i would donate something to a raffle with all funds going to a local special school.
Of course i jumped at the chance to make something.
I love these monster totes as do all the kids i have given them to so i thought it was a good option.
I am pleased i decided to add the small chalk cloth circle on the back, makes it that little bit more exciting.

Monster tote front

Chalk board/back of tote

inside little zippered pocket

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baseball done 2 ways heheheheh

I finished the final canvas for Byron's room, it looks good on the wall with all the others.

Byron had a ball that he got from a Perth Heat Game and it was split but he didn't want to throw it away, so it sat in the sewing room for a few weeks with my brain trying to work out how i was going to make what my sewing brain had in mind.
I got it down today and the kids now have new accessories

                                           Baseball bracelets.

Ainsley showing off her bracelet. heheh see Ken's toes being done?

Both on display

Can't wait for another Dead ball as i have a great idea for improvement, may wear that one myself heheheh
I love it how you start something and the ideas on how to do it better come to you half way through the project.
Byron also wants to make one for his softball coach with a softball obviously, but i think a new one, not a dirty old one hahahah