Tuesday, June 28, 2011

todays play.

To say my kids play nicely together is not necessarily the truth.
Whilst they have the ability to do it they tend to argue over who is making  up the game or the rules.
Some days it comes down to Byron not being patient enough with his sister being that little bit younger, other days Ainsley just wont listen.
Both my kids love pretend play, Ainsley' latest favourite game is setting up horse jumps around the house and will run and jump for ages.
Byron lately would rather be outside with the neighbours
Both my kids also have the ability to get "distracted" and one game moves to another pretty quickly.
Whilst playing horses the squeaky wheel of the Ute was doing my head so i sent Byron to get the wd40  without realising this would create a whole new game of "workshops".
So this is what they are up to at the moment
yes they are still in their pj's, it is 8.30am on their first home day of the holidays.

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