Sunday, June 5, 2011

Baseball done 2 ways heheheheh

I finished the final canvas for Byron's room, it looks good on the wall with all the others.

Byron had a ball that he got from a Perth Heat Game and it was split but he didn't want to throw it away, so it sat in the sewing room for a few weeks with my brain trying to work out how i was going to make what my sewing brain had in mind.
I got it down today and the kids now have new accessories

                                           Baseball bracelets.

Ainsley showing off her bracelet. heheh see Ken's toes being done?

Both on display

Can't wait for another Dead ball as i have a great idea for improvement, may wear that one myself heheheh
I love it how you start something and the ideas on how to do it better come to you half way through the project.
Byron also wants to make one for his softball coach with a softball obviously, but i think a new one, not a dirty old one hahahah

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