Sunday, October 7, 2012

Bringing the bumbag back

So as uncool or daggy they are I have come up with the need for a bumbag.
I however am planning on from now on calling it a hip purse.
I am not too sure why they are classified as daggy, perhaps it was the way they were worn on the 80's. but they are actually rather useful and as I mentioned I am in need of a useful hip purse, So I made myself one.
It is far from perfect but for now it will do the job and for a 1st with no pattern it turned oiut pretty close to plan.
Ignore the poor quality photo's they were taken with my phone and it is dark so lighting wasn't the best.
 The stripes are actually really bright orange, pink and yellow.
The front

The inside.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Kids A Craftin

4 Proud girls with their fantastic cushions.
I have been thinking about starting a kids craft group in the summer holidays, But I was not sure about how to go about it or if it would work, So I used these holidays as a trial.
I put it out there to friends on Facebook for the 1st week of the holidays and was so pleased with the response.
I limited it to 4 kids over 7 as I didn't want it to become overwhelming as I was prepared to have the kids without their parents staying and I still had my 2 kids.
I chose to start with no sew fleece cushions.
I had 3 10 year old girls come on the day and Ainsley joined in too.
I pre cut the large squares of their chosen fabric then gave them instructions on measuring and cutting,followed by tying many many knots.
All the girls did a fantastic job,I even had one of the mums join in and make a little one.
They were proud of their efforts and I have heard they have been using them with one of the girls making herself another one at home the following day.
Because the 1st one was so successful 2 of the girls came back this week and joined another girl to make PJ's.
They chose their fabric and I had it pre cut for them and bought some singlets to applique.
All 3 girls loved using the machine and picked it up quickly after we sewed some ruled lines for practice.
The girls really enjoyed designing their singlet  even ironing the pieces on before sewing them,
 each seam was sewn by the girls  and they were thrilled when the shorts came together, Marveling at each stage.

Proud Girls in their Awesome handmade PJ's




The sweetest shorts

 I found this Pattern through Pinterest and knew instantly that I wanted to make a pile of them for Ainsley for the summer.
They are just so cute.
I made 2 pairs and then decided I would try to make them reversible and it worked, I did struggle turning them right side out, So Ken had to help but I did it and how cute are they?
The 1st pair,with matching belt
Reversible.white with red
red with flowers

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Too many cards and not enough hands.

When we play cards, especially Uno the hardest thing is trying to hold onto all the cards at the same time and still be able to play.
we have been using a piece of cardboard that I stapled together for a while now but today I decided it needed beautification.
the original
playing face paint and all
front of the pink version
back of the green version

Monday, April 16, 2012

More boxes?

 I made these little "drawers"  last week, the green one was to add to a birthday gift.
I love the thought of putting a few different cookies in them or even fudge, coconut ice,etc as a gift


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Stationary box

I made a stationary Box today, And am very pleased with how it has turned out.
Love the colours.
This is going to be a gift for someone but I haven't decided who it will go to yet.
Stationary Box all closed up.

Box open all together

paper clips


I even put matching paper inside the pen.

note book, Pen and postage stamp holder

gift cards

gift tags

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Whilst stamping with a friend the other day she got out her baby wipes to wipe her hands on and I
mentioned that i would cover one for her.
this is what i came up with
Wipes cover now looking pretty

Wipes cover open

As the wipes are for stamping here is a little Easter stamping i did yesterday