Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ainsley's Turn

Whilst Ainsley doesnt go to kindy on thursday and will not be in the hat parade that Byron is in she will be at the assembly tomorrow to watch and therefore had to make her own hat "just like byrons"
I only had 2 plastic eggs left from byrons and no more rabbit teddy bears.
I did have a glitter hat and rabbit ear headband from last easter.
So we set out to make Ainsleys hat.
Ainsley put herself on cutting the ribbon duty and me on glue duty, as with Byron is was "put glue here" and "put glue there".
oh we also had a stapler which Ainsley enjoyed crunching down on to hlod the ribbon in place.
This is what she has to wear tomorrow.
Can you tell she is liking it?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Hat

Byron has an Easter Hat Parade on thursday so today we went to the shop after school to grab supplies.
We ended up with a packet of plastic eggs and googley eyes.
oh and a bunch of baby carrots
From his room we grabbed a gold glitter hat and Roger Rabbit.
a few odds and ends from the craft box and this is what he made.
Byron did well with the hot glue gun when it was warm but once it got too hot i had to "put glue here" "put glue there".
It looks great i think.
He is very proud

I forgot to add the carrots to this photo.

You can just see the green tops of the carrots in this one
i will get a photo on thursday with a shirt on my child aswell.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Autum Pj's

Made the kids some Autumn PJ's this weekend.
we were having a lazy weekend so excuse the children in the photo's someone really does love them lol.
I had planned on buying long sleeve tops but really wanted to finish them and not shop around for matching tops so i opened the fabric cupboard and made my own.
apart from a mishap with Byron's which actually doesn't look too bad i am pleased with how they came out.
The Yoda fabric is really bright and the colours in Ainsley's are amazing--i love how a fabric you like or even love looks 10X's better sewn up.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

luggage tags

I have had this page bookmarked for so long and freqeunt the blog fairly regularly, i thought i would never get to making these luggage tags, but my parents are going on their second cruise in a few months so i grabbed the opportunity to make them some.
i love this fabric (yes i know i say that about all the fabric) but i really do.
As with the lunch bag the photo doesnt show how bright and stunning the print is

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lunch Bag

I just made this lunch bag as a gift.
I have made it so it is adjustable by putting snaps on the side.
my plan for it is so it can be used as an everyday lunch bag without being too big but then so it can be used to carry picnic food for 2 people or just those few extra bits that may be needed.
I have put thermal lining in it so it can keep the food cool and a wipe clean fabric as the inner.
i love this fabric

The snaps done up

the snaps undone

Thursday, March 18, 2010

pillow cases

I can't believe that pillow cases are so expensive.
i went to the shop today to get the kids V pillows as every night i go to bed one of them has stolen mine, Target had buy one get the second for $2 so i grabbed 2 of course but was absolutely shocked when i went to get a slip for them and just plain old colours were $12 which what the pillows cost so i refused to buy them.

I made these instead

Friday, March 12, 2010

chocolate freckle slice

whilst reading Mel's blog
i found a link to a chocolate freckle slice and it looked so yum i just knew the kids would love it not to mention the chocolate craving mother lol.
so we tried it at the beginning of the week and are heading out to a friends for afternoon tea so we decided this would be great.

I burnt it but of course that means i had to eat that bit, it isnt too bad just a bit too dark and still tastes ok.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The great craft issue

That's right we love to do craft but it can be an issue.
where to store the things we are saving for crafts, toilet rolls, scrap paper, egg cartons and anything else we "think" might make good craft.
I was sick of thing lying around and then throwing them away a few weeks later after not using them and being sick of them hanging around.
So i bought a tub, a nice sized tub so Ainsley can carry it and use it on her own.
I then went to the Tupperware cupboard as i bought a container from the op shop with grand plans of using it and only have done once in the year of owning so it has become a craft container--i would rather it be used for craft than sit in the cupboard and fall out with all the other plastic every time i look for a lid.
so this is my effoerts from this afternoon.
I know i will still have the issue of holding onto things but at least there is a home for the important bits and i can bring out new things to add to the divider to keep it all interesting