Thursday, March 11, 2010

The great craft issue

That's right we love to do craft but it can be an issue.
where to store the things we are saving for crafts, toilet rolls, scrap paper, egg cartons and anything else we "think" might make good craft.
I was sick of thing lying around and then throwing them away a few weeks later after not using them and being sick of them hanging around.
So i bought a tub, a nice sized tub so Ainsley can carry it and use it on her own.
I then went to the Tupperware cupboard as i bought a container from the op shop with grand plans of using it and only have done once in the year of owning so it has become a craft container--i would rather it be used for craft than sit in the cupboard and fall out with all the other plastic every time i look for a lid.
so this is my effoerts from this afternoon.
I know i will still have the issue of holding onto things but at least there is a home for the important bits and i can bring out new things to add to the divider to keep it all interesting


Sarah Slaven said...

you are so organized you put me to shame I'm still at the chucking things out that could be useful stage :-)

Donella said...

don't be fooled this is just a small step into the direction of craft supply organisation, and there are a lot more steps to go haha