Friday, January 1, 2010

byron's birthday sewing

Byron will be 8 on wed next week and i have said yes to a a sleep over. hmm must have caught me at a weak moment.

The plan is kids will be dropped off at 6pm then we are off to the greyhounds for a buffet dinner.

yes i am going to attempt to take 8 kids out to dinner haha did i say a moment of weakness? perhaps insanity.

I was thinking about the night and what supplies etc i would need.

there is no way they need lolly bags after the dessert table so i opted for pj's that they can wear not only to bed but have on for the morning play and as pick up is 11.30 and i am sure they will all still be in them then haha, i know i would like to be.

I was given some pokemon fabric ages ago and have been using it for the odd cape or bag here and there but i had heaps so pj's they became.

I thought there would be enough for just pokemon blue and black but i was literally 1 leg short hehe.

so i decided that the only girl and the little sister could have special ones, purple satin skulls.

i grabbed some 2 pkts of singlets from kmart for $6 each.

With my mil's embroidery machine on my sewing table i just couldnt resist personalising them.

Using thread, time, a pattern from the box and $3 singlets i think these are going to be the best party bags and cheap too.

i am thinking i may make pj bags too put them in but that will depend on what cake he decides i am capable of haha.

All the sets.

The birthday boys pair

A close up of the names

The little sister's.

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