Sunday, October 30, 2011

Teacher Appreciation day

Friday was Teacher appreciation day.
The kids and  I came up with 'Time out bags' for their teachers.
This was a great idea until it got out of hand.
Let me explain..........
Ainsley has 2 teachers and a teachers aide, teachers aide day was at the beginning of the year but we didn't know about it ,plus Ainsley would not have let me leave her out hehehehe.
Byron only has one teacher but there is a teachers aide who works in his class and also spends some time in Ainsley's so of  course she couldn't miss out.
Then of course the sports teacher   had to get something and then the music teacher ,oh and you can't forget the librarian.
See out of hand.
But we do love our Teachers so it was all worth it.
I made tote bags 'time out bags' and we filled them with a few bits and pieces for the teachers and the aides to take time out of their day and relax. Crossword books,Pen, choccies, biscuits, coffee and tea
The sports teacher got a little box with the treats and the Librarian got a bookmark with a few treats.
The librarian got a zippered pouch filled with treats.
All up 5 bags,a foil box a zippered pouch and a book mark with treats
The kids really enjoyed Handing them out, They got as much out of giving them as the teachers did receiving them. which I loved.

The gifts

The contents of the bags

the zippered pouch and it's contents

The sports teachers little foil box.

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