Sunday, October 30, 2011


 This Post i have being trying load for a week but have had trouble uploaded so many pics.

It was my nieces birthday on Wednesday and she is having a party tomorrow.
Today I finished off her present and am really happy with the outcome.
Her mother asked me to make her some food for her kitchen.
I came up with Remi-licious Icy Treats.
the set contains
Ice cream cones in various flavours, both normal and soft serve, Icy poles, Zooper doopers (not sure what the real name is for these),  Ice cream sandwiches and also ice creams in a bowl.
I also put some brown fleece into the cutest little bottle as chocolate Topping and a Tea towel Apron to match. but I did this after i had taken the photos'

Remi's Ice cream Palour"Remilicious"

A sundae

4 flavours of ice cream cones

Icy pole

2 flavours of soft serve

Ice cream Sandwiches

zooper dooper

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