Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Horse of course

For book week Ainsley decided she wanted to be a "horse girl" not a cow girl, not a jillaroo but a horse girl.
I asked her which book she was going to be a character out of and of course "The saddle club" was the book even though she can't actually read these books.
So easy no worries there, we can do a horse girl easy.
At least I thought until she decided it wasnt the rider she wanted to be but the "horse" and a white one too.

hmm Ainsley your mum may not be that clever.
But guess what I proved myself wrong, I am in fact that clever.
Look at what i created today, not only does it fit the bill but it goes above and beyond as it is in fact a towel.
I am feeling all proud now, lets hope it is ok to wear a towel to school on Thursday hahahah.
I will take photo's of it on Ainsley on Thursday, for now the chair is enjoying being a pony heheheheh
Not sure why she doesn't look happy, She was.


Felicity Laritz said...

that is so cool! Tegan wants to be Hermione Granger (as will half the school probably), and Olivia also said this afternoon that she wanted to be a Pony, and I said, "how am I supposed to make a horse costume" - well thanks, now I have some explaining to do!!

Donella said...

i do still have the link for the horse mask, it is a nice size, i will bring the practise one to show you if you want.

Grandma and Pa said...

I am sure that Madam will be happy enough with that. You did good

Donella said...

well she is wearing it on the lounge as a blanket at the moment so i guess it passes.
I did make it a bit big as i wanted it to be a practical towel but in doing so it fits byron better lol.