Monday, August 22, 2011

Supplies are ready.

After making Eliza's blanket my niece Aisha sent me a spare pillow case and has asked if i  could make her a bigger blanket.
I can't make Aisha one without making her brother Brayden  one so I took myself  to spotlight today to get supplies.

Whilst there are so many colours in the pillowcase i found it hard to find coordinating fabrics that were not just plain, I really like the mottled purple and think that should be enough to set the butterflies off.

I may steel some of the grey and black from Brayden's, but I wont know that until I am cutting heheheh
I had some camo in my stash and also the army fabric, I thought these were a good start for Brayden.
I wanted some colour so it wasn't drab and i couldn't resist the stripes, the fabric is a soft soft cotton.
I didn't get a photo of it but i got polar fleece for the back, As they are in the cold region I got the good stuff, really thick arctic style, Mmm warm and toasty.

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