Sunday, August 14, 2011

Eliza's blanket

My sister rang and asked me if I could make a special birthday blanket for a young friend of their family.
the brief was.
 She is turning 15
She loves dancing 
Can it be approx single bed size.
 Can it please fold into a pillow.
Oh and did I mention it needs to be warm? the live in Armidale N.S.W, where it gets to minus temperatures.
I had bought some cheap t shirts in the last summer clothing clearance and had the perfect one to suit.
I grabbed some fabrics including the softest coral fleece, some dance inspired silver.
This is the final blanket, I have left the fluff on the front to show just a little bit of what my house was covered in, not to mention what was all over me by the end.

The front
yes I am aware it could do with an iron.

As a pillow

The back

The T.shirt

On a bed to show the size


Felicity Laritz said...

gorgeous Donella, if I were her I'd love it!

Donella said...

Thanks Flick,
time will tell.
On the upside i don't actually know her so will never know hahahahah