Sunday, December 11, 2011

Off to the movies

We are meeting a friend and her kids at the movies tomorrow.
We have on occasion made up zip lock bags with lollies in it for the kids when we go to the movies, so they have there own.
Ainsley said mum can we make up Party bags? No sooner were the words out of her mouth I was in the cupboard getting the cutest bags out for this exact occasion.
I saw them at Ikea a few weeks ago and couldn't put them back on the shelf.
So we made up a little stash and decorated the rest of the snowmen cookies.
I didn't put too many lollies in them as I am sure my kids will still ask for  a frozen drink and popcorn.

Santa bags with the little stash.

Are they not the best bags? there are 12 in the pack and they are all different Santa's from around the world.
They had wrapping paper as well but they had sold out of the individual packs, I did buy a little pack of cards though hahahahah.


Felicity Laritz said...

thanks for that Don, the kids and I really appreciated them

Donella said...

You are more than welcome.
I am still talking about the movie lol