Friday, November 11, 2011

Party bags

It is Ainsley's birthday next week and we normally do cupcakes to take to school  to celebrate with her class mates on the day.
With  6 other children in her class celebrating birthdays within the next 2 weeks I am thinking they may be all cup caked out so Ainsley and I got our Google on and made our version of lolly bags.
I got the idea from seeing a photo of a Christmas ornament similar but could not direct you to a site sorry.
I have used felt for the bottom and glued the money piece on and i used the inside plastic bag from cereal  to make the the top.
They didn't take too long to make up and now i wont have to be up until midnight next Monday baking and icing cakes.
so what do you think

Gumball style lolly bag

All 22 of them.

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Maria said...

have come over from One Crafty Mumma, What a great idea!!