Monday, July 18, 2011

Make up Folder

I found some really cute little note books in my newsagents on the weekend (top model) and fell in love with the make up book.
Basically it was page after page of faces to practise putting make up on with the front cover holding the make up.
The only problem i found was it was $25 and way out of the budget for a random purchase, But with Ainsley's birthday being months away i decided it was a must have hahahah.
this is what i came up with.
I used a plain black ring 2 ring folder that was in the cupboard, a little make up i had in the gift box and i printed off some nice faces, i tried to stick to disney as they have such lovely faces.
i printed these off onto pages from a water colour paint pad we had.
I added some little pockets to the back for some other pens or pencils, i am thinking about adding pages at the back with dolls to draw the clothes onto.

inside with a lovely example of what to do

inside back cover

example of some of the picture to make up

folder all closed

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