Friday, July 10, 2009

Opening Day.

Well my parcel arrived just in time.
8am this morning.
it was made from Gaby at
i got spoilt, spoilt, spoilt.
Gaby made me a coated tote style bag with extras inside .
there is 2 stitches magazines and buttons buttons buttons, which is great because i have just fallen in love with buttons, collecting not sewing them haha.
anyway here are the photos.

The bag i made has been received and blogged so i can say i made for Jen at
i didnt use a pattern and as you can see it doesnt look terribly like my practise bag. i kind of went with what the fabric told me hehe.
it was my 1st attempt at a zippered pocket and i am really pleased how it turned out.
the fabric was from the upholstery section at spotlight and wasnt what i went into the store to buy but obviously what i came out with hehe

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amummy said...

Hi Don,
Hope you like the bag as well as the goodies.