Monday, August 17, 2009

Mr Tooheys Tortoise

Byron's teacher this year is great and this week we have parents night so i wanted to give him a appreciation gift.
I had no idea at 1st and the Eb ladies gave me some great idea but it came to me yesterday that he needs a door stop as the door is currently being held open by a brick.
I then found out today that his favourite animal is the tortoise.

this is what i came up with.

he has a face and i will take a daylight pic tomorrow so you can see it cause he is cute hehe.
Byron is working on a card and inside it will say.

"A special teacher opens the door to life long learning and possibilities thank you for inspiring those doors to open.
Please accept this gift so doors can continue to open for you.
you are a terrific teacher and your efforts are appreciated."
or something along those lines.

thank you 'Carebear83' for your words they have helped.


Beetlehouse Designs said...

What a great door stop Donella.

Karen said...

Great idea - he's so cute!