Friday, January 6, 2012

Byrons 10th birthday

It was Byron's birthday today and  I was rather unorganised and ill prepared but it made for a great day anyway.
WE decided on Wednesday to send a text to a few friends and see if they wanted to meet us at the park/beach for a BBQ.
He ended up with the perfect number of kids, All  getting rather muddy and having a ball with a sausage sizzle cake and lollies.
 It was so easy we all had a great day.
Yes we served cake and ate it that muddy.
I hadn't bought his gift until about 8pm last night.
I did have a thought yesterday afternoon about turning an old picture frame that had a jigsaw puzzle in it into a tee ball memorabilia frame for Byron.
This is how it turned out.
All proud on the wall outside his bedroom.


Felicity Laritz said...

like the frame, and boy, does he look filthy!! had a great time, all your friends are lovely people xx

Donella said...

thanks, he was filthy hehehe.
but he had so much fun and all the mud came out of his shirt lol.
Of course all my friends are lovely, you are one of them