Wednesday, October 8, 2008

lets start the show and tell

Whilst enjoying a new found hobby 'Blog surfing' I discovered a very talented lady's blog
Whilst perusing the blog i found a fabric Cubby house that goes on your dining table so i looked from the computer screen to the dining table covered in sheets and towels and then back to the computer screen.
On goes the light bulb and away turn the little cogs in my head, my mind quickly heads to the large bag of fabric i was 'given' to by a friend, thanks Anne.
Most of the fabric is thermal lined curtaining which was sitting patiently waiting for a job to do.

So i went to the scrap bag and got what i needed.
This was done with the help of Byron my eager 6 year old son.
of course at 6 you think that anything is possible so the Cubby needed flowers and fairies and a mail box and butterflies and bees and mushrooms oh and a pond with a duck and upon finding cherry fabric it needed an orchard. this is where i needed to assure him that the Cubby was going over only one table.

So the final product doesn't have all that but most of it.

I have however decided that i will do the other side and will be adding a bird bath instead of a pond, this was the compromise i also need to add a spiders web of course.


Emma said...

WOW!! This cubby is awesome! My kids would absolutely love one! You are so talented.

Crafty Cow said...


mrs ploppypants here from eb. i saw your blog link and thought i'd come and have a squizz.

just ahd to tell you that i love the idea of your cubby house on the table. it is fabulous! what a talented lady you are!

Jo said...

Cool idea, looks great!!