Saturday, October 11, 2008

The new look

Ok so Byron has been asking since he was 2 for an Earring.

During an outing with friends we found ourselves in the chemist having it done.

So yes he finally has his Earirng (sorry i am corrected) "stud".

He was really good about it, after being asked "are you sure" about 6 times.
He just sat there and had it done without a flitch..... you could tell it hurt at 1st but he wasnt letting on hehe.

He did have to sit down after going a bit pale so sat in the trolley and had a drink whilst we continued shopping.

Dad was a tad shocked understandably i mean it's not every day your 6 year old comes home from shopping and a movie and shows you a freshly made hole in their ear.

i think that byron is happy about the decision and if down the track he decides he doesnt want it any more then he can not wear the 'stud'.

I need to take a better photo but this is the one taken that night in bed.

so he was rather tired and a bit anxious about lying on it.

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