Sunday, May 3, 2009

Ainsley gets a new skirt and Tyke gets a jacket

I decided that Ainsley needed a long skirt for winter so last night we got onto the net and found a tutorial

Then into the fabric box to choose the fabric.

I really liked burgandy for the middle layer but of course Ainsley was choosing and she had to have pink.

I liked this tute it was easy to follow but i think the middle layer needs to be a bit thinner so oh my i think i will need to make another one oops hehe.

I will hopefully get some action shots today.

Byron asked the other day if tyke can have a jacket and if he could help sew it.

The answer was yes on both counts.

So he helped me choose the fabric and i got a pattern from here

Ainsley has seen the dress and thinks Tyke needs one of those now haha, She wants it to match her new skirt wont that look nice on walks?

I am not sure i can do it.

So i got ready to sew and Byron ditched me to play with the boy across the road.

Tyke wasnt feeling very photogenic

Another skirt.

i fell in love with these butterflies so had to make a askirt the same day.

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Raike said...

Wow!! Both are so cute skirts for babies... I like their pattern and fabrics..