Thursday, May 14, 2009

bags bags bags

A friend at work wanted a new bag, messenger style and big.
After asking what colours she liked she said
reds, blues, greens,pink,purples.
yay can't go wrong hehe
this was the 1st time i used stabilizer for a bag and i am really pleased with the out come.
there is a litle patch of concern as only one of the fabrics i used had a slight stretch but all is fine.
before i started on this bag i thought i better have a test run with working out a pattern so i made byron one 1st but it didnt have stablizer--regret that but he thinks it looks great anyway so here are the bags i came up with.

i am sure you can work it out but byrons is the skulls hehe.
and foe some reason it keeps turning that photo around grrr

on another note i would like to wish my sister Naomi luck with the baby expo in sydney this week end.
She is taking her product the "bubby cubby"

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