Thursday, December 3, 2009

where oh where is 2009.

it seemed to rush past me in about june and i can't catch up.well obviously it has been a while and i wont bore yuo with those mundane day to day details.
i will however share some sewing i have recently done.
i have been sewing but not blogging.
skirts are currently the flavour as the weather warms up.
Ainsley will never run out of skirts or dresses i can assure you of that but as they are fun to make i will continue to make them lol.
My princess will only wear skirts that twirl so the latest addition is the circular skirt---fantastic twirl ability.
Ainsley has decided to share the twirling "need" with her twin friends so i made them a skirt each and had a request for another one.
here are some pics.

Ainsley's christmas skirt for her daycare party tomorrow is also there, i had a t shirt from last year that will still fit so i just added a little bling to make it go with the skirt a bit better.

so you think they will be ok?

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