Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lets read a book

Well it has been a long time between visits here in blog land.
I have done alot in the past months but no crafting..
We moved from W.A to QLD, bought a house and moved in, had Christmas, then Holidays and Ainsley started Prep so here i am with time to blog.
Whilst Ainsley has a large Bedroom she also has Large toys (kitchen, supermarket etc) So we have no where to put her books.
They are living in the large bookshelf in the spare room, which is OK but after she has read one in bed there is no where to to put it,
I have been thinking on and off about a solution to this, while looking at blog i had stumbled upon, I found the solution, and even better it was simple.
I would never have thought to do this.
I love other peoples brains heheheheehe.
so here is mine
I made it reversible, mainly because i couldnt choose which fabric i wanted to use.

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