Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Humble Face cloth

I was making bunnies from facecloths for some of Ainsleys friends and for nieces and nephews i will see over easter and got a bit carried away.
I was sitting on the lounge watching t.v and had a pile of facecloths on my lap so started folding to see what else i could come up with.
So far i have bunny, chick, snail,snowman and 2 different girls that don't look so much like they should, but  have started the creative thinking as to how to do better next time.
the pink girl looks so much like a cat that i am going to add whiskers when i work out what to use as whiskers  lol.

I know the lighting is poor and he has no face but i was excited that he worked hehehe so had to share. 

i know it is the owl and the pussy cat but here is my owl and the puppy dog hehehehe


Melissa Goodsell said...

These are lovely and so cute!

Donella said...

holy that was quick hahahah

Me-O-Mi said...

Ohhh the Dog and the Owl soo clever thang!

Donella said...

Thanks lees.
i managed to work out how to do a lion and a cat, but i gave them as easter presents before i took a photo.
Also did cupcakes for lara's new bub but again no photo's.
will do some more and get pics for you.