Friday, April 9, 2010

fast craft and recycled craft

I grabbed the Hot glue gun today and made Ainsley and the girl neighbours a few hair clips.
love these buttons so cute, also had a few beads that fit just perfect.

last week i was thinking about making lunch wraps, i had given them a go before using PUL but wasnt happy with them, these i used the plastic bag from cereal and sewed it to some fabric i had in my stash.
it is a tad big as i didnt do measurements just sewed next to the glued edge.
works great as a wrap and placemat in one.

i left a sandwich in one for about 5 days to see how it went and it didnt go hard at all, the mould had just started to grow but i would expect that in any bag.i am planning on making a few more a bit smaller,already got some cereal bags waiting and think it will be agreat craft to do with the recycling group at my sons school so i think next term i will have to see the teachers about it.
Also came to the realisation that i had never thought to reuse those bags---don't know why they are great being nice and thick,would be great for rolls.


Fiona said...

I think that is a genius of an idea. I love to see things being recycled :)

Clara said...

I found your blog through a thread you started on EB about people commenting on blogs... :) I love the hair clips and the idea of using cereal bags is GREAT! I've been wanting to make reusable wraps for a while and that idea is just perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Donella said...

i love that you commented Clara after my blog about commenting on blog hahah.
Thanks Fiona
i am so amazed i didnt think to reuse the bags before now
and have some friends and family saving me cereal bags and have bread rolls in a couple of bags at the moment, am actually thinking of turning them into bread roll sized bags,my hubby hates the bread bags with little wholes in them so these made into bags would be the perfect thing i think with a fold over velcro top.
i am yet to machine wash it but will do to "see" how it goes
but it goes fine in the dishwater.