Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pj's for my Niece and Nephew

After seeing the Pj's i made the kids my sister asked for personalised ones for her kids

Here is Remi's ones just awaiting me to hem them as she is very little and i need measurements or they will be very long
So Naomi is this what you had in mind?
And the sooner i get those measurements the sooner you get these.

Here are Zane's, i am really pleased with how these ones turned out.

what do you think Omi?


amummy said...

I love the space themed PJs. Did you make the tops or did you just decorate them?

Donella said...

thank you.
i made the tops.
i used a multi size pattern that is rather old i think as i got it from my mil.
but it is fantastic it has 25 sizes in it, round or v neck short or long sleeves.
Then i decorated them.

Nic Wood said...

Your PJs look fantastic - LOVE that alien fabric!

Nic xxx

Mel said...

Those Pj's are just scrumptious! Lucky kiddies getting wear such groovy pj's to bed! Applique tops are a fantastic way to complete a set!